"I'm a nontraditional candidate running my campaign in a nontraditional way because I have to, and because it's time for a different direction Ohio!!" 

- LaShondra Tinsley-

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United States Senate Campaign Ads

United States Senate Campaign Ads

Campaign Flyer 

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This campaign represents democracy for all! 


My name is LaShondra Tinsley. I'm a nontraditional candidate running my campaign in a nontraditional way. I stand representing humanity... Black, white, male, female, young, old, and all in between ​nation is currently facing. I will advocate and fight for a variety of issues, including but not limited to; the foster care system, universal healthcare, modernizing the education system, canceling student debt, domestic violence, people wrongfully convicted/overcharged, weeding out corruption within our justice system, mental health, the economy, substance abuse, climate change, the working class, the homeless, issues stemming from Covid-19 and so many other issues that need to be addressed NOW! I'm asking for support from everyone! If you're concerned with the division and destruction our nation is facing, I need your help! Our political Ideology, different views on an issue or two, and political alignment are not as important as uniting our State and nation with a sense of urgency. It's time to unite our state and our country while incorporating the vision of our founding fathers for all Americans because it's time for a "Different Direction Ohio!"

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