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What makes LaShondra Tinsley the right candidate is her actual lived experience. LaShondra Tinsley is a student at Franklin University and Columbus State Community College seeking a degree in Public Administration and Communication. She has attended and graduated from several intense political trainings including but not limited to Ignite, New Leadership Ohio, The Black Campaign School, PCCC, She Should Run, BOSS for Change, Lead Ohio, Ready to run, and a few others.  Tinsley has volunteered for several Candidates and elected officials' campaigns, including The three ladies of Reynoldsburg Shanette Strickland, Angie Jenkins, Meredith Lawson-Roe (Reynoldsburg City Council), Dontavius Jarrells (House Representative for the 25th house district), Beryl Brown Piccolantonio (Gahanna-Jefferson School Board) Merisa Bowers (Gahanna City Council), LaTyna Humphrey (House Representative 26th House District) Erica Crawley (County Commissioner), Congresswoman Joyce Beatty and Frank Whitfield (Mayor Elyria Ohio).  

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How LaShondra will use her lived experiences

Accompanied by academia, LaShondra Tinsley now values the pain of her actual lived experiences and believes it was God’s way of preparing her for such a time as this. Experiences that were once shameful and embarrassing now empower her and allow her to relate to constituents and advocate on their behalf.

LaShondra Tinsley spent several days in jail (see about the candidate). While there, she experienced the death of two people who passed away because of the disease of addiction.  Both were experiencing symptoms of withdrawal.  Tinsley also experienced a violation of her dignity. Knowing both deaths were preventable, along with the violation of her dignity, LaShondra will use this actual lived experience to help create jail/prison reform.

Years ago, LaShondra’s wisdom teeth were removed. When she returned to the doctor, he refused to refill her prescription for pain medication, although she was visibly in pain. A friend noticed her pain and gave her pain medication. After a while, Tinsley became addicted.  LaShondra overcame that addiction and will use that life experience to help create better legislation and policy around addiction, treatment, and combat racial bias in pain assessment for blacks while ending the lie about blacks being able to tolerate more pain than whites.

  • A survivor of domestic violence = Domestic violence reform

  • A recipient of Governments assistance = Benefit reform

  • Worked two and sometimes three jobs and still did not make enough money to take a family vacation = Salary and benefits reform

  • She resigned from her job to prepare for this race and was informed of the astronomical cost of healthcare and prescription drug prices =Free healthcare and prescriptions. If Brazil can offer its citizens free healthcare, Americans can do it better. We are the global leaders!

  • Loans to help fund education = Canceling student debt/refund options for those who have already paid. 

  • Foster alumna = Foster Care Reform

  • Diagnosed with PTSD due to domestic violence = Mental health reform

  • And so many other life experiences.

LaShondra Tinsley believes in change for the better. With her lived experiences, she has decided to become the change she wants to see. She understands that no other candidate can offer these actual life experiences, making LaShondra a unique candidate!

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